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Hillard Huntington found that the economy responds symmetrically to changes in petroleum product prices, but that petroleum product prices respond asymmetrically to crude oil prices. The consequence is an asymmetric relationship between crude oil prices and aggregate economic activity. 

 These findings need further examination, but substantial research shows that the asymmetric response of aggregate economic activity to oil price shocks arises through channels that cannot be explained.

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Roller Chain Drives

Roller chains have the benefit of being a fairly straightforward and simple method of transmission of mechanical energy. Roller chains are constructed like a typical chain link structure; that is, a series of cylindrical.

Inductive / Capacitive Sensors

Industrial sensors − such as the capacitive proximity sensor − are used for measuring an object’s position, displacement, or proximity are commonly employed in a range of manufacturing plant control applications. 

Motors & Gear Motors

Manufacturing state-of-the-art LV & MV electric motors is what WEG has been doing since its foundation. Regardless of the market segment, the company continues to dedicate extensive resources and effort in order to produce long-lasting electric motors so as to ensure reliability.

Conveyor Chains

Our organization is instrumental in offering a wide gamut of Special Purpose Conveyor Chains. This qualitative range is designed and manufactured by efficient team of professionals employing cutting-edge technology installed at our premises. 

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