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Inductive / Capacitive Sensors

In the oil and gas industry, inductive sensors provide a durable, reliable solution for measuring variables on offshore oil rigs. In order to be a suitable solution for this type of platform.
Sensors must be able to endure harsh sea conditions, such as saltwater, which can be corrosive and damaging to equipment.

Engineering Class Chains

In general, engineering chains are slightly different from roller chains. Roller chains often are used for power transmission and engineering chains are used for material handling.
Rollers are not often needed on material handling chains, but are a required part for power transmission chains.

Mounted Ball Bearing Units

Ball bearing units consist of an insert bearing mounted in a housing. An insert bearing is a deep groove ball bearing with a sphered (convex) outside surface and an extended inner ring that includes a mechanism.
Because of their versatility and cost-effectiveness, ball bearing units are typically used in many industrial applications.

High Quality Gears & Conveyors

While some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) provide generic specifications that consider pertinent parameters, others give only a general specification that may not even consider operating temperatures.
Individuals responsible for selecting lubricants to posses a fundamental understanding of how to specify lubricants for gearing